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About Sonex

Are you tired of constantly being deceived and can no longer trust people? Do you doubt that cloud mining can be honest? Do you want to receive your payments constantly and known, that you will double, triple or even 5 times increase your income? We have a great solution for you - become part of the company SoNeX.

Our company operates on transparent conditions and guarantees you payments throughout the duration of your entire contract. Yes, we don't offer you the highest income! Yes, we can't compete in this regard with dishonest companies! But we can guarantee you financial growth, constant income and the pleasure of working with our company!
Click the register button right now and become part of a successful and honest company! Hurry to do it, the number of registrations is limited!

SoNeX - international cloud mining company, founded in 2017. The company’s office is located in the north of the capital of Iceland in the city of Reykjavik in the Hlemmur area.
The company's cryptocurrency mining facilities are located in the western part of the capital, in the district - Vesturbaer.

The creation of the company and the location of capacities in Iceland is due to the low cost of electric energy and the loyalty of local legislation to cloud mining companies. It is these factors that allow us to offer you the most favorable conditions and highly profitable tariff plans.

In 2021, the company plans to increase its capacity and launch production of new popular cryptocurrencies. In this year, Sonex plans to enter the top 10 best cloud mining companies around the world.
In addition, at the testing stage, there is another mining farm of the company, which is located in the Sundahofn area. Its launch is scheduled for October 2021.

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Why Choose our Company

Our company has a number of advantages in comparison with other companies. Below we have listed the main ones

Quality Support

Our support service works for you every day from 6 am to 10 pm (GMT)

Instant Exchange

As soon as money enters the account, they are instantly exchanged for power

High Percent

We offer the latest high-speed equipment, good tariff plans and first-class service

Safe and Reliable

We guarantee the safety and security of your funds using a high degree of protection

Investment Planning

Currency fluctuations do not affect the interest rates of tariff plans and your income

Fast Transactions

Funds transfer and withdrawal of money are made for a maximum of 40 minutes

how to earn

If you do not know how to earn on our website, we suggest you look at the mini-instruction

Go to your wallet

Go into your account and copy the wallet number of the currency through which you want to make a payment

Make payment

Choose the optimal tariff for you, buy the required amount of power and mine cryptocurrency with our company

Get daily income

You will receive your daily income in any case according to the contract agreement, regardless of currency fluctuations

FAQ Section

Below you can see the most frequently asked questions. To open the answer, click on the question

The principle of work of cloud mining is that you do not need to constantly connect to the site to continue working with the miner.
We do not use your equipment for cryptocurrency mining, because you can turn off your devices without loss for mining.
Mining continues even when you are not online, and even when your device is completely off
You can see information about money withdrawals on the main page of the site in the statistics section "Payouts"
The minimum amount for withdrawing money is tied to the exchange rate and is displayed on this page
There is no minimum amount to replenish. You can deposit any amount to increase your capacity on this page
The withdrawal of money is free but for the withdrawal of money you must have the minimum required amount. To withdraw money, go to this page
Choose a balance for withdrawing money - for this you need to click on the block with the name of the currency that you mined.
Next, indicate the amount to withdraw funds and your wallet number.
After entering and checking all the data, click "take off"
1. To register on the site, use only your own and reliable data.
2. The rules of the site allow the creation of only 1 account per person.
3. After registering on the site, save your data.
4. To attract referrals, the use of advertising materials of any type is allowed.
5. It is forbidden to create referrals yourself to receive a referral bonus.
6. You can log into your account from different devices
This is a cloud mining site for growing a variety of cryptocurrencies. In order to get currency, you do not need to have additional knowledge or any equipment, you just need to go through a simple registration.
After registration, you get a starting power of 10 gh / s (1 usd), with which you can earn on our website.
To make more money, you can buy power and improve your tariff plan. You can also receive free bonuses and extra power for inviting referrals.
Everything else for you will be done by our specialists. Equipment maintenance fee is included in the price of tariff plans and you don’t have to pay anything else
To make an investment, you can use a variety of payment systems. You can do replenishment with payeer or perfect money directly on the site, if you use a cryptocurrency wallet, you need to make a deposit from the site of your payment system.
Copy your account number on this page, go to your payment system and transfer to the number you copied. Top-up is credited to your account within 40 minutes
When registering, you automatically enter into an agreement with the company for 240 days. After this time, all your power is reset, and you can withdraw money at any time.
At the end of the contract, you can withdraw any amount of money, even if you do not have a minimum
Your deposit is reflected on this page
Your money is turning into power. You can see data on your capacity in the "Total power" block on the "Panel" page.
Your income is at the very bottom of the miner on moving numbers

Package Pricing

When registering, you automatically place a contract with the company for 240 days

Thanks to your many requests, we have increased the percentage of daily income at premium and business packages! The number of improved offers is limited!

Get 0.01 usd per day

$0 / Free Pack

  • 1 % daily income
  • 0.25 gh/s - 2.5 cents for each referral
  • 15 % for the replenishment of referral to your power
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Get 0.138 usd per day

$5 / Bronze Pack

  • 2.3 % daily income
  • 0.3 gh/s - 3 cents for each referral
  • 16 % for the replenishment of referral to your power
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Get 1.275 usd per day

$50 / Silver Pack

  • 2.5 % daily income
  • 0.35 gh/s - 3.5 cents for each referral
  • 17 % for the replenishment of referral to your power
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Get 6.03 usd per day

$200 / Gold Pack

  • 3 % daily income
  • 0.4 gh/s - 4 cents for each referral
  • 18 % for the replenishment of referral to your power
Buy Now
Get 17.535 usd per day

$500 / Premium Pack

  • 3.5 % daily income
  • 0.45 gh/s - 4.5 cents for each referral
  • 19 % for the replenishment of referral to your power
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Get 36.045 usd per day

$800 / Business Pack

  • 4.5 % daily income
  • 0.5 gh/s - 5 cents for each referral
  • 20 % for the replenishment of referral to your power
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Profitability Calculator

Instructions for use

1. Choose currency for replenish
2. Choose currency for withdraw
3. Specify the amount of replenish
4. Specify the time of the deposit
In the field all income will be shown the amount earned for the selected period. In the field % of income will be shown % of the replenishment amount
Currency for replenish
Amount of replenish
Currency for withdraw
All income
% of income

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